Five Great Container Choices for Any Garden

This is a debut of a series of exchanges between Urban Gardens and Seasonal Wisdom, exploring the latest in gardening, green living and design. Robin Horton of Urban Gardens shares her five favorite container types for gardens, wherever you are…

A garden container can be anything really. What you choose depends on your needs, what you are planting, personal style, and of course, your budget. Containers run the gamut — from sleek contemporary to ornate traditional styles to upcycled planters made from old bathtubs, barrels, boats, and even bras. Shown above is the contemporary Sahara line from Gandia Blasco.

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Product Review: Laguna Deck Pond + Fountain Tips

There’s been a new addition to my garden in recent weeks. It gurgles and bubbles pleasantly, adding a relaxing ambiance to my deck. Here’s my review of Laguna’s Deck Pond and some advice for enjoying fountains and other water features in your garden… Photo copyright Kevin O’Connor View the Original article

Grow: Peas, Carrots and Salad Greens … in July!

Sometimes Mother Nature follows a different schedule. That’s been the case during the Summer of 2011, thanks to a cooler and wetter than normal spring … not to mention, a late summer. As much as I like to eat seasonally, this summer I’m eating vegetables more typically found in my Zone 6B garden months earlier. Above…

Book Review: Garden Up! (Vertical Gardening)

What’s the best way to maximize outdoor spaces, hide eyesores and create drama in your garden? Consider vertical gardening. A recently released book called Garden Up! shows you how. Recently, I spoke with the authors to learn more about this popular gardening trend. Come take a peek… Photo copyright Garden Up! View the Original article

Recipes for Pimientos de Padrón and Dark Rum Mojitos with Basil

Summer is the perfect time to harvest herbs and vegetables for delicious drinks and appetizers. That’s why I’m delighted the nationally known chef and food blogger Viviane Bauquet Farre of has agreed to share some recipes and culinary stories.  Here is her special guest post for Seasonal Wisdom … View the Original article

Farm-To-Fork Dinner for Locavores

It’s a scenic drive to Peaceful Belly Farm in the picturesque foothills of Boise, Idaho. That’s especially true when the evening sun is starting to set and you’re heading to a delicious farm-to-fork dinner with fresh vegetables, fruits and meats direct from local growers. Photo copyright Teresa O’Connor View the Original article

Supporting Local Foods with Locavore Groups

With many foods traveling 1,500 miles or more to reach the average grocery store, it’s little wonder that locally grown and raised fruits, vegetables, dairy and meat are becoming so popular. People across the nation are forming “locavore” dinner groups to support local foods in their regions. Come take a peek at a recent local…

Growing Great Flower Containers

Creating eye-catching flower containers for my garden was easier than usual this summer, thanks to an assortment of Hort Couture plants I was asked to test this growing season. Come look at the results. View the Original article

Recipe for Classic Heirloom Tomato Sauce

Tomatoes are abundant in August and September. So, it’s a wonderful time to make a classic sauce from all those ripe tomatoes, especially if they happen to be delicious heirlooms. Here’s another yummy recipe especially for Seasonal Wisdom readers, by Viviane Bauquet Farre of the beautiful culinary blog This time she presents a Classic…

Growing Poppies in The Garden

Poppies are easy to love. The flowers mix beautifully with roses, lavenders and other perennials, and provide a romantic, carefree look to any garden. Best of all, poppies are easy to grow from seeds, and many of them reseed to provide beauty year after year. The above pink ‘Shirley’ poppies (right) and orange ‘California’ poppies…